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The company "Tzelepis Theodoros & Co." is active in the field of design and manufacture of professional electric catering equipment since 1973. It is a modern family business founded by Andreas Tzelepis. It was he who gave the company the distinctive title "TZETHAN" by tying in one word the three names of the family, TZELEPIS/Theodoros/Andreas. After his sudden death in 1987, his wife Tzelepi Chrysoula takes the baton of the business, while several years later in 2004 the business passes to their descendants, Tzelepi Theodore & Tzelepi Chrysoula, where it takes its current form. Over the years, the corporate identity may have changed, but this has not affected in the least the technological expertise, the strong awareness of quality and the intuition for the development of the market that constituted the initial capital, which for forty-seven years now has kept the company alive in the field of construction.



In our privately owned facilities in Thessaloniki, 1000m2, with our highly skilled human resources, consisting of experienced craftsmen, well-established in their field and with the most modern mechanical equipment, we guarantee the perfect manufacturing and distribution of all our products. At the same time we are in constant readiness for the immediate, responsible and quality service of our customers.



The company's professional electrical appliances offer quality of the highest standards. Each piece is manufactured from meticulously selected raw materials and undergoes strict controls before it reaches the packaging stage. This creates machines with a long service life, which set the standard in terms of precision and reliability.


"We thank you warmly for strengthening us all these years with your trust and your willingness for cooperative cooperation. We wish to continue to respond to this trust by constantly expanding our product range, creating machines that meet your high quality standards."

Tzelepis Theodoros

Tzelepi Chrysoula